Fractured Empire Concept Art

The visual aesthetic is a big part of the appeal of a fantasy novel.  My Fractured Empire novels draw heavily on my love of 19th century European history and fiction.

Using AI art tools, I made portraits of some of the main characters in the novels to fit that aesthetic.

NB: the images and text work much better together in landscape; if you're viewing on a phone, you'll have a better experience tilting it on its side.


Heino Voss, fulfils a childhood ambition when he becomes an airship pilot.

Saskia von Eck, airship navigator and walking argument.

Erich von Eck, who wonders if he is fighting for the right side.

Kurt Einsiedel, an unexpectedly effective airship pilot.

Elfriede Glasenapp, whose life is upended by war.

Archduke Leopold, international statesman and schemer.

Count Maximilian, Leopold's less capable son.

Maxine Jeschke, who is never where you expect her to be.


Lothar von Schnusenberg, rascal with an interest in poisons.

Asta Nørckenkrone, impoverished gentlewoman.

Torkild Scavenius, naval captain and steamship enthusiast.

Edda Güldenkrone, even more impoverished than Asta and much less happy about it.

Berendt Scavenius, Grand Admiral of the Navy, perpetually disappointed in his sons.

Valdemar,  Duke of Haskilde before his time.

Lord Grynulf, 'the Fox', an ambitious schemer with a quick temper.

Admiral Krog, an eccentric who might also be a genius.


Magnus Lohdal, painter with unexpectedly great expectations.

Amund Ostergard, a man always alert to his own advantage.


Hildegarde Scavenius, widow who is grieving less than you might imagine.

Baron Hasenhüttl,  Imperial ambassador who loves a ceremonial uniform.

Birla Ostergard, not sure what she wants, but it isn't this.

Styrbjørn Winther, Gisla Scavenius and their daughters, have chosen the wrong place to play happy families.

Commissar Maxine Jeschke, a true believer - but in what?

Freydis and Dorethe Ostergard, who read too many romances. .


Strömhallthe capital city...

...under attack by airships.

The Hertugshalle, the ducal palace and fortress.

Klippesee, Lord Berendt's townhouse.

Stålhus, Lord Amund's mansion


Dawn at the Docks. Lord Berendt and Magnus have different visions of the future.

Magnus and Hildegard have much to discuss.

Volksbund propaganda image of Commissar Jeschke in the Hertugshalle

Jeschke addressing a Volksbund rally.